Bellana S., Customer Service Manager

If you are looking for the job where you can provide direct services, education, support and advocacy for clients, handle customer concerns quickly and effectively, MedSide is the right place for you.

I’ve always preferred to work in groups. As customer service manager, my goal is to inspire diverse team members and work side by side with them to be the premier healthcare provider to the Atlanta community.

Our CEO's greatest strength is the ability to solve problems, while not hastily, always efficiently. His ability to see all sides of an issue from multiple perspectives under challenging conditions, makes him a great leader of the company.


stars   July 24, 2020 



Daniela X., Registered Nurse

“I have been working for Medside as a field RN on and off since 2016, I always come back to Medside when I want to work in home health because I have always had an excellent experience. The schedulers have always been so helpful and fair with assignments, the Director of Nursing is an amazing person who is always available to help and answer questions, Human resources is very helpful and also always available for any of my needs. The case managers also do an excellent job and communicate very well with me. I am grateful for everyone at Medside for making my job easier with all the support I get.”


stars   July 23, 2020 



Angela B., Social Worker

“I have been a Social Worker with Medside for the past 7-8 years and have not regretted one moment. The staff is always courteous and helpful when I communicate with them. I enjoy working with our patients and family members connecting them to community resources when appropriate. We are ONE team, here to help our patients in their healing process and to regain independence! Best home health agency I have ever worked for.”


stars   July 23, 2020 



Alena Sh., Transportation

“Our department provides transportation for Medside`s clients to medical appointments. Elderly and sick people, who can not speak English and need transportation, they call me and I assist them. Personally I have many problems with my health and used to spend much time at hospitals, too. So, I understand perfectly well, how desperate, they can feel… They spend a lot of time at home, like me, because of problems with their health and it makes me try to do my best to help them!”


stars   July 23, 2020