Planning for Our Future

MedSide continually strives to:

  • To be the premier healthcare provider to the Atlanta community.
  • To preserve our tradition of caring and providing personalized service.
  • To create an exceptional work environment.
  • To surpass the established standards for professional, quality care.

MedSide Healthcare takes pride in addressing and improving readmission for our patients. Currently, our clinical team meets monthly to review all cases where a patient might have visited an ER or been admitted to a hospital. This allows our CEO, home health administrator and case managers to investigate each instance and determine if there was any course of action we could have taken to avoid this outcome.

If the team does find areas for improvement, the administrator develops an improvement policy that establishes better practices in client care. For example, we have increased our attention and monitoring of Congestive Heart Failure exacerbations that has been instrumental in decreasing our re-admission rate.