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Transfers Ambulation Respite Care to Caregivers

What Is It?

Personal Support, Respite Care, and Companion / Sitter Services are offered on part-time/intermittent basis or around the clock. These services help clients to perform all activities of daily living, provide relief to caregivers, and to receive companion or sitter services. These services are provided by trained caregivers in accordance with a Plan of Care developed by our nurse, you, and your authorized representative.

Why Use It?

MedSide offers you a variety of Non-Medical services that give you the ability to live at home, maintain your independence, and prevent nursing home placement. All Non-Medical services are provided by qualified and trained Personal Support Aides under the general supervision of a Registered Nurse.

What Are Its Goals?

Non-Medical Services help individuals, particularly seniors and those with disabilities, live independently for as long as possible. In general, the goal of these services is to assist clients with all personal care needs; to provide relief while recovering from an illness or injury; to assist with home management tasks while restoring optimal level of functioning; and to prevent institutionalization. These services are expected to maintain or increase the functioning capacity of the clients being served and focus on the relationship between the client and the client's needs.

What Types of Non-Medical Services Can Be Provided To Me At Home?

MedSide provides Personal Support, In-Home Respite Care, and Companion Sitter Services to elderly individuals at risk of placement in a nursing facility. The intent of the service is to provide quality, competent care to clients in the form of:

  • Personal Care

    • Bathing (tub, shower, or bed)
    • Routine skin and hair care
    • General mouth care (including dentures)
    • Grooming and shampooing hair
    • Nail filing (no clipping or cuticle cutting)
    • Assisting with dressing and/or toileting
  • Light Housekeeping

    • Vacuuming, sweeping dusting, mopping
    • Emptying trash and garbage for the client
    • Doing laundry for the client
    • Cleaning rooms for the client
    • Changing linens for the client
  • Transfers and Ambulation

    • Assisting in and out of bed and/or wheelchair
    • Assisting with walking
    • Encouraging physical activity
    • If appropriate, assisting with simple exercise program established by nurse or therapist
  • Medically-Related Activities

    • Observing and reporting changes in client's condition
    • Applying first aid in case of sudden illness or accident
    • Arranging trips to the doctor
    • Picking up prescription medications
    • Accompanying clients on medical appointments as necessary due to client's frail condition
    • Reminding the client to take medication
    • Assisting with self-administration of medication
    • Providing watchful supervision and oversight during the absence of the caregiver
  • Companionship

    • Helps clients to perform all activities of daily living
    • Provide relief to caregivers
    • Receive companion or sitter services
  • Home Management

    • Grocery shopping
    • Assisting with bill paying
    • Assisting with scheduling medical appointments
    • Proper Nutrition
    • Preparing meals and washing dishes
    • Encouraging proper nutrition
    • Assisting with eating
    • Observing and reporting meal accumulation and food storage or cooking equipment failure
  • Respite Care to Caregivers

    • Helps clients to perform all activities of daily living
    • Provide relief to caregivers
    • Receive companion or sitter services