Cleaning iPad History

1) Go to the iPad’s settings
2) On the left menu, click on the Safari app
3) Click on the Clean History and Website Data
4) In the popup, click Clear. Your History and Data should now be cleared!





Forcing An App To Close

1) To see your currently open apps, double-click the Home Button. Your recently used apps will come up
2) To find the app you want to close, swipe right or left to find the correct app
3) To force the app closed, swipe the app’s preview up to close the app




Restarting a Frozen iPad - Keep the first sentence

To restart the iPad, hold down the Home and On/Off buttons at the same time.
You will see the slider appear on the screen, keep holding the buttons. The screen will eventually go black.
After the screen goes black, the Apple logo will appear. At this point, let the buttons go. The iPad will now restart as normal.






Connecting to the Internet - If you do not have an internet connection, try the following:

Go to the iPad’s Settings > Cellular Data > Confirm the Cellular Data is ON
Go to the iPad’s Settings > Airplane Mode > Confirm the slider is on OFF